Replacement Failed Sealed UnitsBefore and After - replaced sealed unit

If you have condensation inside your double-glazed window it usually means that it has failed.

However just to confuse the situation quite often the condensation disappears and the glass looks clear once more. How does this happen? Well this is caused through atmospheric conditions and on a sunny day more often than not the unit clears only to have the condensation return when the temperature cools.

It’s a common issue that millions of people have but unfortunately most people don’t know how to address the problem. Sadly,  some companies who are less than honest,  will try to sell you complete new windows (including frames) when you can simply replace the glass.

Changing the glass is usually straightforward and you can normally replace all of your failed units in a day, no fuss, no mess.

All glazed units in windows, doors, conservatories and patio doors can be upgraded to have Pilkington K and argon gas fill to increase the efficiency by a good margin.

Usually the double glazing you have will be over 15 years old and won’t have k or argon gas in it.

The efficiency of a double glazed sealed unit is measured by a u-value and the lower the u-value the better the unit.

Units over 15 years old will have a u-value of around 3.9 where as the new ones are around 1.2. That’s going to make a big difference in retaining heat and reducing bills.there is also self cleaning glass for conservatory roofs as well as solar control and thicker glass to reduce noise from outside if you live say on a main road or a busy traffic area.

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