Replacement Windows
Replacement Windows

Quality Double Glazing uPVC Windows

We design double glazed windows for all styles of houses from Victorian to modern homes, vertical sliders to casement windows and from white to ebony frame finishes.

Recent developments in uPVC window frame engineering has enabled double glazed window designers to get ever closer to the look of the traditional vertical sash window – one of the most enduring and popular window styles in this country.

A standard window can be converted into a bay window to increase the sense of size and space of your room. Or an existing window can be removed and replaced with a set of French or Bifold doors for an extra entrance into the garden – the choices will amaze you.


Double Glazed uPVC Windows – Energy Efficiency Ratings

There is pressure to reduce heat loss from windows for environmental reasons and rising fuel costs also encourage us to minimise heat loss through our glazing. A Window Energy Ratings system has been introduced to help customers appreciate the different levels of energy efficiency form double glazed windows.

We are proud our new ‘flush-sash’ window design for a more contemporary look.

Prestige Home Improvements use Pilkington K Energy Glass in all of our windows, which are rated at a minimum of B. We can offer you A rated double glazed windows at a small additional cost.

Double Glazed Windows – Heat Loss Prevention – Argon Gas Filled Units

Argon gas can be introduced into the double glazed window cavity to improve its thermal properties. Argon helps to reduce heat loss by slowing down convection in the air space. This helps to keep more heat in during winter and more heat out in the summer. The argon filled unit also helps to keep the inner pane warmer resulting in less condensation. Argon is also colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-reactive.

Double Glazed Window Security

Window security is vitally important. For your added piece of mind, our double glazed window systems are fitted with the highest quality security hardware.

Blinds Inside Your Windows?

We’ll let our lovely customers, Chris & Jan, explain:

“We’ve had new windows fitted with the latest integral blinds – absolutely fantastic!

We have cats and they used to claw and make a mess of the venetian blinds we had fitted years ago. Now because they are in between the double glazing they can’t do that and we dont have to worry about cleaning them either.  It’s also so much warmer.’

Window with Integrated Blind