Conservatory Roof replacement
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Conservatory Roof Replacements

Conservatories are a wonderful environment to be in – light filled rooms with lots of glazing to bring the outdoors indoors. But quite often they can be very cold in winter and too hot in summer and really noisy when the rain hits the polycarbonate roof.

This, of course,  means you can only use the conservatory for part of the year.

Well there are solutions to make this an all year round usable room!

If you have an existing conservatory and you are having these issues then you can look at replacing the roof and possibly the old inefficient glazing in the frames. This will transform your  Conservatory into an all year round usable space.

Our customers absolutely love the difference we have created for them.

Self-Cleaning, Warm & Cool…

Consider either a solar control self cleaning glass roof with the addition of Pilkington K (or equivalent) with argon gas fill. This will keep the conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter and gives you a fantastic uninterrupted view of the sky. It’s also virtually silent when the rain hits it.

Alternatively, there is the light weight tiled roof which offers a more conventional extension like feel with the option of roof openers and part glazed and part tiled options. Internally they can house down lights in the plastered roof or timber finish.

Installation usually takes 3 working days to complete.