Alpine Style Chalet
Alpine Style Chalet installed by Prestige Home Improvements

Chalet Design

Our Own Bespoke Alpine Chalet Design

During our 30 year experience in the conservatory business, we have had many requests for an alpine chalet style conservatory.

Many people are looking for an extension ‘with the feel of a conservatory’ and also requests for ‘a lot of glazing, but with a solid roof’. This strong client interest has led us to develop our own bespoke alpine chalet specification.

Alpine Chalet Conservatory – Fully Insulated Solid Roof

The predominant feature of this style of conservatory / extension is that the roof is solid – i.e. tiled or slate finish, as opposed to glass or polycarbonate. The addition of Velux skylites in our chalet roofs allows for the introduction of light at a higher level, with the added benefit of a vented facility.

Extended Roof For Additional Shelter

Our chalet roof style is an adaptation of the Swedish type chalet design, where the roof front protrudes beyond the wall elevation. This can be extended further to provide a pleasant sheltered outdoor sitting area.

Chalets Style Conservatories With Clean Lines – Clear Views & More Space

Our alpine chalet conservatories have impressively clean lines – your view is uninterrupted by supporting pvc profiles. And there are no opening lites –  instead we install 2 velux windows into the solid roof.

We can give you a 3D visualisation of how the chalet style looks in comparison to a standard conservatory. The length and width are the same, but the chalet appears to be larger.