The vast majority of conservatories are only usable if the weather conditions are good. This is mainly due to the roof being a plastic or polycarbonate system which lets out the vast majority of the  precious heat and is very noisy when it rains. So what’s the solution?

Basically there are 2 solutions to make your conservatory a more usable space in winter and summer.

Option 1 – is to replace the roof with a solar controlled blue tinted glass roof which has Pilkington k and argon gas fill. What this does is to retain the vast majority of the heat inside the conservatory and offers tremendous light gain. It also has the ability to vastly reduce the over heating when the sun shines on it. Plastic roof are notorious for being horrendous where the temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees. In terms of cost they tend to be very competitive and roughly half the cost of a solid roof conversion. Generally 2 days to fit.

Option 2 – is to replace with a lightweight solid roof with the option of velux windows in the roof. This system basically transforms the conservatory into an extension with a plastered internal ceiling and generally downlights. The draw back can be that the conservatory may become dark and the room behind it even darker. You need to consider this very carefully before making that decision. My recommendation is to throw a tarpaulin or similar over the roof the create the effect of light reduction. Usually 3 days to install.

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